Significant points for “Vos3000”

1. Change server root Password.
-> After “vos3000 soft switch Installation”
-> First Step download Putty or SSH Client software for log in to your own “server”.
-> Login to server using root password.
-> Then After login and put command on password and Set your New Password.

2. Now Change Vos3000 client user name & password for Security.
-> Login “VOS3000” on your Laptop version client.
-> Then Go System Management> User Management and then click on Filter.
-> Next Double click on User name and Password where mention (*****) or right click then click on change password in easy way and secure too.
-> Then put your new password & click on apply, now your New password Set Successfully.
-> Now your vos3000 Switch password work new password. And its open by using New Password.

3. Monitor Daily with CDR Report with System Log.
-> Login your vos3000 on your window version client.
-> Then Go to System Management> and System Log.
-> Next Click on Filter (You can must select Date & Time).

4. For Monitor Login User.
-> Login vos3000 your window version client.
-> Then Go to System Management Online User then click on Filter option.
-> Next Showing login user detail with IP.(If you see someone online from unknown IP then you should be Remove IP or Edit and add DOT in the same IP and click on Apply button and please beware)