VOS3000 Switch

Installation Duration 30 minutes

VOS3000 Switch

Installation Duration 30 minutes

VOS3000 Softswitch


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Plan 1

$ 49
99 Month
  • RAM 4GB
  • 2 CORE CPU
  • Concurrent Calls 300
  • VOS3000
  • Anti-hack & Firewall
  • Web Portal Security

Plan 2

$ 64
99 Month
  • RAM 16GB
  • 4 CORE CPU
  • Concurrent Calls 1000
  • VOS3000
  • Anti-hack & Firewall
  • Web Portal Security

Plan 3

$ 74
99 Month
  • RAM 32GB
  • 8 CORE CPU
  • Concurrent Calls 2000
  • VOS3000
  • Anti-hack & Firewall
  • Web Portal Security

Plan 4

$ 84
99 Month
  • RAM 64GB
  • 10 CORE CPU
  • Concurrent Calls 5000
  • VOS3000
  • Anti-hack & Firewall
  • Web Portal Security



Carrier-class Softswitch
– Protocol support SIP/H323
– Excellent compatibility
– Safe and reliable
– Automatic CDR billing
– Integration with other systems

High Capacity

VOS3000 uses advanced asynchronous message bus Support 5,000 simultaneous calls with media proxy Support millions of accounts, 20,000 online SIP accounts

Power Billing

Support real-time billing, prepaid and postpaid Support 3 millon fee rates Matching according to caller/callee prefix Support section fee rate Support bill precision 0.00001

High Stability

Support gateway route backup, if some gateways are broken, business will not be influenced Support lock broken gateway automatically to improve call completing rate Routing based on load balance

High Resolution

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Follow Our Tips
For Secure your Server

  1. Change server root Password.

After “vos3000 soft switch Installation”
First Step download Putty or SSH Client software for log in to your own “server”.
Login to server using root password.
Then After login and put command on  password and Set your New Password.

2. Now Change Vos3000 client user name & password for Security.
Login “VOS3000” on your Laptop version client.
Then Go System Management User Management and then click on Filter.
Next Double click on User name and Password where mention (*****) or right click then click on change password in easy way and secure too.
Then put your new password & click on apply, now your New password Set Successfully.
Now your vos3000 Switch password work new password. And its open by using New Password.

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“ VOIP Operating System and vos3000 is providing the support like and operating system provides support for the component. We are providing features like Rate Management, Phone & Gateway Management, Package & Account Management, Data Query & ”